PR: Conservation PAC endorses Dan Blue III for State Treasurer

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Contact: Katie Todd;; 919.244.5868

Dan Blue III: leader willing to invest in a cleaner, healthier NC future
NCLCV’s Conservation PAC endorses Blue III to be next State Treasurer

RALEIGH: Our rapidly warming climate requires leaders who not only acknowledge the reality of human-caused climate change but are willing to invest in solutions that mitigate its impacts. The role of North Carolina’s State Treasurer requires one of those leaders. The NC League of Conservation Voters’ Conservation PAC recognizes Dan Blue III as the candidate to ensure North Carolina moves forward on a path to a cleaner, healthier future: both fiscally and environmentally-speaking.

Blue III receives the endorsement based on his support of state action to address global warming, increase clean renewable energy development, steward land for public benefit and the safe handling of coal ash and other toxic industrial waste. He pledges to “ensure that the construction of new infrastructure is sustainable and has the smallest possible environmental impact.” Further, he explicitly backs stronger state pollution controls and tougher cleanup requirements for coal ash pits: “We need to make sure that our sources of drinking water are safeguarded to ensure that our citizens’ health is protected.”

“The majority of our current leadership want to keep the state tethered to dirty energy interests. This is not only detrimental for the health and wellbeing of North Carolina families and natural resources but also for the health of North Carolina’s financial investments, particularly those impacting pensions of dedicated public servants,” noted Dan Crawford, NCLCV’s director of governmental relations. “Our state treasurer can make investment choices that support protecting public land; ensuring smart, sustainable growth; and addressing the real threats posed by climate change. Dan Blue III demonstrates a commitment to prioritizing clean air, water and energy in order for all North Carolina communities to thrive.”

“We know that the state Treasurer is one of the lesser well understood executive posts in North Carolina that voters select every four years,” Crawford added. “After seeing state leaders dismantle critical environmental protections left and right since 2012, we cannot afford to elect a State Treasurer who invests in a coal ash, contaminated drinking water future.”