2016 Election

Below, our Conservation PAC is pleased to announce our endorsements for the 2016 General Election. You can read our full endorsement of these candidates here.

North Carolina Governor

Attorney General Roy Cooper

Council of State
Sen. Josh Stein – Attorney General
Dan Blue III – State Treasurer

North Carolina House

Joe Parrish – HD2 (Granville, Person)
Charlie Pat Farris – HD8 (Pitt, Wilson)
Brian Farkas – HD9 (Pitt)
Steve Unger – HD16 (Onslow, Pender)
Rich Nixon – HD26 (Johnston)
Terence Everitt – HD35 (Wake)
Jen Ferrell – HD36 (Wake)
Randy Barrow – H37 (Wake)
Joe John – HD40 (Wake)
Rep. Gale Adcock – HD41 (Wake)
Rep. Billy Richardson – H44 (Cumberland)
Cynthia Ball – HD49 (Wake)
Rep. Brad Salmon – HD51 (Harnett, Lee)
Mary Belk – HD88 (Mecklenburg)
Chaz Beasley – HD92 (Mecklenburg)
Sue Counts – HD93 (Ashe, Watauga)
Rochelle Rivas – HD103 (Mecklenburg)
Rep. John Ager – HD115 (Buncombe)
Rep. Brian Turner – HD116 (Buncombe)
Rhonda Schandevel – HD118 (Haywood, Madison, Yancey)

North Carolina Senate

Brownie Futrell – SD1 (Beaufort, Camden, Currituck, Dare, Gates, Hyde, Pasquotank, Perquimans)
Jay Chaudhuri – S16 (Wake)
Andrew Barnhill – S9 (New Hanover)
Susan Evans – SD17 (Wake)
Gil Johnson – SD18 (Franklin, Wake)
Toni Morris – SD19 (Cumberland)
Michael Garrett – SD27 (Guilford)
Jane Hipps – SD50 (Cherokee, Clay, Graham, Haywood, Jackson, Macon, Swain)

Friends of NCLCV
Additionally, we are glad to share our ‘Friends of NCLCV’ list. These are currently elected officials who have been endorsed in previous years by our Conservation PAC and have demonstrated a commitment to protecting our air, land, and water.

North Carolina House
Rep. Howard Hunter, III – HD5
Rep. Bobbie Richardson – HD7
Rep. Duane Hall – HD11
Rep. George Graham – HD12
Rep. Susi Hamilton – HD18
Rep. Larry Bell – HD21
Rep. Shelly Willingham – HD23
Rep. Jean Farmer-Butterfield – HD24
Rep. Michael Wray – HD27
Rep. Larry Hall – HD29
Paul Paul Luebke – HD30
Rep. Mickey Michaux, Jr. – HD31
Rep. Rosa Gill – HD33
Rep. Grier Martin – HD34
Rep. Yvonne Lewis Holley – HD38
Rep. Darren Jackson – HD39
Rep. Marvin Lucas – HD42
Rep. Elmer Floyd – HD43
Rep. Charles Graham – HD47
Rep. Garland Pierce – HD48
Rep. Graig Meyer – HD50
Rep. Robert Reives – HD54
Rep. Verla Insko – HD56
Rep. Pricey Harrison – HD57
Rep. Cecil Brockman – HD60
Rep. Ken Goodman – HD66
Rep. Evelyn Terry – HD71
Rep. Ed Hanes – HD72
Rep. Beverly Earle – HD101
Rep. Becky Carney – HD102
Rep. Carla Cunningham – HD106
Rep. Susan Fisher – HD114
Rep. Chuck McGrady – HD117
Rep. Joe Sam Queen – HD119

NC Senate
Sen. Angela Bryant – SD4
Sen. Don Davis – SD5
Sen. Jane Smith – SD13
Sen. Dan Blue – SD14
Sen. Floyd McKissick – SD20
Sen. Mike Woodard – SD22
Sen. Valerie Foushee – SD23
Sen. Gladys Robinson – SD28
Sen. Paul Lowe – SD32
Sen. Jeff Jackson – SD37
Sen. Joyce Waddell – SD40
Sen. Terry Van Duyn – SD49