Every election year, Conservation PAC releases endorsements for pro-environmental candidates running for the NC General Assembly and other statewide offices. These endorsements take the guesswork out of knowing which candidates will protect our clean air, clean water, and the health of our communities.

CPAC staff and volunteer committee members carefully evaluate every candidate for office based on a variety of criteria, including a candidate’s responses to our written questionnaire, interviews, their environmental voting record, demonstrated leadership on environmental issues, and their commitment to improving environmental protections in North Carolina.

Our nonpartisan strategy focuses on re-electing leaders who have a clear record of support, finding new champions in open seats, and replacing anti-environmental incumbents with conservation champions. Our endorsements and resources are targeted on races where our efforts can have the greatest impact on electoral or policy outcomes.

Because NCLCV advocates for sound environmental policies at the state legislature, we do not make endorsements in local or federal races. We work closely with our colleagues at the national League of Conservation Voters to help inform their endorsements of North Carolina’s Congressional candidates. We encourage you to ask all your candidates, whether local, federal, or those candidates not endorsed by CPAC where they stand on environmental issues.

Click here to find out who we have endorsed for the 2018 legislative elections.

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